Student to intern with Libra Group

Taking her first career steps, psychology student Nikoleta Samara has been selected for an internship with Libra Group where she will work for the HR department in the company’s offices in London for the summer of 2015. The Libra internship program is an excellent example of a multinational company offering interns unique employment opportunities facilitating their professional and personal development. Nikoleta describes her experience below:

“When I got the news that I was selected for the first interview, I felt really glad and grateful to be given the opportunity to go ahead with the selection process. In the interviews that followed I had the chance to discover something new about both myself and the business world every time. Finally, all the preparation and anxiety paid off when I got the call saying that I was a successful candidate and will be joining the Libra team in summer 2015.

For me, this was a process of self-development and improvement that taught me that hard work, attention, honesty and an eye for detail are very important when it comes to applying and traveling through the business' world of applications and interviews. I feel grateful and honored to be given this opportunity…”

The Libra Group is a privately-owned international business group that controls 30 subsidiaries operating across five continents. It is primarily focused on five core sectors: shipping, aviation, real estate, hospitality and energy.

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