Eleni Plemmenou (BSPsy ‘22) among honorees of 2021 Campus Compact NH Presidents’ Awards

2021 Campus Compact NH Presidents’ Awards

New Hampshire colleges and universities celebrated the recipients of the 2021 Campus Compact NH Presidents’ Awards at an online ceremony on April 14, 2021. Among this year’s recipients were Hellenic American University’s honorees for Leadership, Eleni Plemmenou (BSPsy ’22) and Good Steward Award, Miriam Siwale (BSBA ’12, MBA ‘15), and the humanitarian organization FAROS, which received the Presidents’ Community Partner award.

Campus Compact for New Hampshire (CCNH) is a consortium of New Hampshire college and university presidents dedicated to civic education and engagement. The annual Presidents’ Awards are just one of a diverse range of initiatives that CCNH and its member institutions, Hellenic American University included, pursue in promoting civic engagement and community service on campus. CCNH’s activities include student leadership training to advocacy and legislative outreach.

Eleni Plemmenou, the recipient of the Presidents’ Leadership Award, is president of the Hellenic American University Marketing Club and co-president of the Art Club, while also part of the editorial team running the Titan Chronicles newsletter. In 2019, she launched the Business Talks series, creating a mentoring network between HAU students and successful businesspeople. In 2020, she helped strengthen the social connection between the Athens and Nashua campuses through club events and in 2021, help introduce the “Boroume” organization to HAU and the Politis Civic Engagement Program.

University Registrar Miriam Siwale has been at Hellenic American University since 2006. She recently worked with Dr. Sofia Protopapa, Director of the Career Development Office on the EU-funded project Advancing Migrant Women and helped revamp the training material for a younger target audience. Since then, Miriam was able to work with youngsters from her church. Her goal is to be able to work with any youngster that might feel stuck and might need a gentle nudge to move forward.

Faros is a Christian humanitarian organization that helps unaccompanied children and refugee youth find safety, discover their worth, and build a future perspective. Believing that education is key to the integration of unaccompanied minors, Faros partnered with the Hellenic American Union and the Hellenic American College in March 2020 in order to give Faros’ youth access to higher education. The beneficiaries have free access to educational material, free registration for all English language proficiency tests administered by the Hellenic American Union, and free-of-charge tuition for classes leading to a General Education Degree (GED) through Hellenic American College/Hellenic American University.

Image: 2021 Campus Compact NH Presidents’ Awards

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