Arcjam 2023: Students to compete in 72-hour game design event

Photo by Axville on Unsplash

We’re excited to be cooperating with Arcweave, the popular browser-based collaborative platform for creating and prototyping interactive narratives, in organizing this year’s 2023 Arcjam, a game design event where competing teams and individual designers create and publish a short game in 72 hours using the platform.

The game jam will take place online between May 12–15. Prizes for winning games include Arcweave Pro subscriptions and Steam gift cards.

The event is being coordinated by Giannis Georgiou, a filmmaker, screenwriter, and story consultant who teaches in Hellenic American University’s degree programs in Informatics and serves as Narrative Director of Arcweave.

Anyone can join the jam, even if they have never used Arcweave before; it is easy to learn and there are links to YouTube tutorials and documentation on the jam’s page. Nor do participants need a paid Arcweave subscription to take part in the jam.

Just as importantly, students do not need to have a background in technology. Arcweave is above all a tool for developing interactive narratives, so anyone who has a story to tell is encouraged to take part. Participants do not need to code if they don’t want to or even use images or sounds; they can instead focus on the writing. The University is thus looking forward to having a diverse representation of students from all degree programs at the event.

More info on how the game jam works and how to sign up can be found on the jam’s page.

Image: Photo by Axville on Unsplash.

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