Statement of the Board of Trustees on University Values

The University expects that its faculty, students, and staff will be responsible citizens both in society and within the University itself. The Board of Trustees considers such responsibility to extend beyond the observance of law, which it takes for granted; such responsibility also includes an active commitment on the part of all members of the university community to safeguarding and promoting the values of tolerance and diversity, academic integrity, the free pursuit of knowledge, academic honesty and the protection of intellectual property.

As a place of learning, teaching, and research, the Hellenic American University can only thrive when all members of its community are committed to fostering an atmosphere that contributes to free academic inquiry. The Board of Trustees is committed to providing an environment in which the personal safety and integrity of all its members are protected from harassment, bigotry and intolerance in whatever form they may appear, and expects that its students, faculty and staff are likewise committed to this effort.

In fulfilment of the University's mission, the Board of Trustees encourages administrative officers and faculty to effectively pursue means to enhance the cultural, racial, gender and ethnic diversity of the University. The Board of Trustees furthermore instructs the University's officers to ensure adherence to the university's policies on non-discrimination in all University affairs, including but not restricted to employment and human resources management, admissions, student affairs, faculty relations, and third-party contracts, agreements, and relations.

The University's administration and faculty elaborate these principles in a broad range of policies and procedures, which are published in handbooks, guidelines and manuals, in printed and electronic form, and find expression as well in University contracts and other legal documents. The Board of Trustees instructs University leadership to take all appropriate measures to ensure that students, faculty and staff are aware of and observe these policies and procedures.

Adopted by the Hellenic American University Board of Trustees in March, 2005.

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