Martin, Marieke

Marieke Martin received her Bachelors of Science in BioScience and Technology from the University of New Hampshire, and her Masters in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. Currently, she is working toward completing her Ph.D. dissertation in International Business Strategy, from Southern of New Hampshire University. Her area of research focused, under the tutelage of the former chief economist for OPEC, on Emerging Capital Markets, (specifically Eastern European Market nations such as Russia and Turkey), innovation and international new ventures. Ms. Martin has worked in the private sector participating in many government funded research projects focused both in finance and biotechnology. Prior to her recruitment at CitiGroup as a Wealth Manager, she worked as the Northeast Technical Specialist for the German biotech firm Machery-Nagel, a worldwide maker of medical research chemicals and filters, where she worked on corporate and government research project implementation and management, and U.S. and international business development.

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