Vongelis, Ilias

Ilias Vongelis holds a B.A. in Economics from AUEB, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from Concordia University, Canada. Dr. Vongelis has worked as a lecturer in Economics and is a certified Portfolio Manager from the Hellenic Capital Market Committee a certified Trading Representative of the Athens and Cyprus Stock Exchange and a practicing accountant licensed by the Economic Chamber of Greece. He has held prominent positions in the financial sector for over twenty years, serving as General Manager, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Executive Officer for Solidus Securities AEPEY, a leading retail non-banking investment firm, Chief Financial Officer in a firm devoted to renewable energy sources, and Credit Analyst in the Corporate Banking Division of the Bank of Cyprus. Dr. Vongelis is an adjunct faculty member at Hellenic American University and teaches in the BSBA program.

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