Andreoula, Valentini

Andreoula Valentini holds a BSc in Accounting and Finance from Deree College, the American College of Greece and a MA in Applied Linguistics from the Hellenic American University. She is also a CRLA certified writing tutor and holds the TESOL level 5. She has recently started her PhD in Applied Linguistics at the Hellenic American University. Her experience includes 15 years at the Bank of Cyprus in Greece, during which she was a trainer for 3 years, teaching Accounting to staff of all levels. The last 3 years she has been working at the Hellenic American Union as a teacher of various levels and age groups, while also teaching English, voluntarily, to the children of the Hatzikonsta Foundation for the Educational Support of Young People.

Arsenis, Eugenia

Eugenia Arsenis is a director and dramaturg who has collaborated with international cultural organizations such as Royal Albert Hall, the San Francisco Opera Center and Center for Contemporary Opera, Skylight Music Theatre, Oakland Opera House, the Greek National Opera, Megaron Athens Concert Hall, and the National Theatre of Northern Greece. She is the designer and Coordinator of the Minor in Theater and Performance at the Hellenic American University and Coordinator of the Acting for Opera at the Contemporary Conservatory of Athens. She studied Dramaturgy and Directing at the Department of Drama, Theatre and Media Arts at Royal Holloway University of London. She pursued graduate studies in Philosophy at University College London and earned her Doctorate in Philosophical Aesthetics, Opera and Greek Tragedy at the University of London. She was Visiting Researcher at the School of Music of the College of Fine Arts at Boston University for Musical Analysis and Opera Directing. She has held numerous grants and fellowships from organizations such as the Fulbright Foundation, the Onassis Foundation, the National Bank Cultural Foundation, New York Film Academy, and the Royal Holloway University of London. She is currently the President of the Hellenic Center of the International Theatre Institute, Registrar of Public Relations of the Hellenic Theatre Studies Association, and member of the Greek Directors’ Guild. She is an adjunct faculty member and teaches in the General Education program.

Athanasekou, Eve

Eve Athanasekou holds an Honors Degree in Law from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, a M.Sc. in Information Technology and a Ph.D. in Law (Internet Law), both awarded by the University of Glasgow and funded by the Hellenic State Scholarship Foundation. Her doctoral thesis focused on the interaction of modern technological issues and the traditional interpretation of law. She specializes in computer and Internet law, the history, sociology and philosophy of law, intellectual property and real estate law. Between 2000 and 2003 she was the co-editor of artzine, a bilingual electronic magazine on art and technology. She is a practicing lawyer who also teaches law and computer science at the university of Glasgow. She is currently with the Legal Department of the Hellenic Notaries Association. Her research interests include Internet law, ancient Greek law and Roman law, Ancient Greek and Byzantine social and economic history and Modern Greek constitutional history. She is an adjunct faculty member and teaches in the General Education program.

Bacigal, Stephen

Stephen Bacigal is a writer, analyst and editor on the President’s Project Team at Hellenic American University. He also serves as Director of Planning and Research at Hellenic American Union. A graduate of Livingston College at Rutgers University (B.A. in the City and Social Change) and Harvard University (M.Div.), he has taught English for academic and professional purposes in both higher and continuing education settings, including King’s College (London), the National School of Public Administration, and Hellenic American Union, where he now leads seminars in digital content writing, business communications and presentation design. Mr. Bacigal teaches in the BAELL and Business programs at Hellenic American University as an adjunct faculty member.

Barton, Gregory

Gregory Barton is pursuing a Doctorate in Education from Johns Hopkins University with a specialization in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education. His dissertation will focus on the benefits of a balanced curriculum of arts, academics, and athletics to build well-rounded citizens and future leaders. Gregory earned his bachelor's degree in 2013 from Washington and Lee University in Virginia and his Master's in Historic Preservation at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Gregory began his career in education at Norfolk Academy, a co-education private school in Norfolk, Virginia where he taught upper-level art history and studio art courses, and coached American football, basketball, and lacrosse. In 2019, Gregory accepted a position at Hellenic American University in Athens, Greece. He served as the Assistant Director of Student Affairs and International Programs and established and coached the HAU varsity soccer and basketball teams. Since March of 2021, Gregory has worked as the Director of Promise at Long Island University in Brooklyn, New York. In addition, Gregory and his brother have owned and operated Hamptons Surf Company since 2015, an artist collective that works with charities and foundations on issues ranging from environmental injustices to domestic violence. Gregory is an adjunct instructor in the General Education Program, teaching art and IT courses.

Chalaux-Moyas, Francoise

Francoise Chalaux - Moyas teaches French as a foreign language at the French Institute of Athens (IFA). She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management in France at Paris IX-Dauphine and a M.Sc. in Shipping and Finance at the City University Business School in London. French is her native language; she is also fluent in English and Greek. Since 2000 she has been teaching Economy and French Business Language at IFA and also prepares students for the French Chamber of Commerce exams and the Greek Diplomatic Academy. In addition, she is responsible for giving French lessons to the executive staff of many major multi-national companies. She also collaborates with the Economic Mission of the French Embassy in Greece. Recently, Francoise Moyas has been volunteering her services in Athens, Greece by teaching French to Syrian Refugees who are awaiting relocation to France. Currently, she is an adjunct faculty member and teaches in the General Education program.

Davou, Maria

Maria Davou is a teacher, teacher trainer and researcher. She has an MA in TESOL, from St Michael’s College, and began her PhD in Applied Linguistics at Lancaster University, UK. She is now completing her PhD at the Hellenic American University. She has received an ESRC research award for her research in Second Language Acquisition. Her other research interests include Language Development, Language Assessment, Multilingualism, Language Teaching and Pedagogy. She studied SLA with Suzanne Flynn at MIT in Boston and completed an ALTE course on Speaking Assessment with Linda Taylor at the University of Valencia. She has more than twenty-five years experience in teaching, teacher training and TESOL Management in Greece, the UK and the US. Maria is a language school owner in Athens, promoting alternative and experiential models of teaching. She has been working as a Director of Studies for Brighton College, UK and she is an international trainer and academic consultant for Oxford University Press and Pearson Publishing, and Argyri-Laimou primary school. She is an adjunct faculty member and teaches in the MAAL program.

Delli, Vassiliki

Vassiliki Delli holds a first-class degree from the Department of English Language and Literature, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She received her first Master’s degree in General and Comparative Literature from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and a second Master’s in European Studies, Department of International and European Economic Studies, AUEB. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the University of Athens. She has taught English for Specific Purposes and English for Academic Purposes at higher education institutions including the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK), the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus and the University of Patras. She has also taught literature, writing and Public Speaking at Hellenic American University. Her teaching interests include Business English, Intercultural Business Communication, Cultural Studies and Literary Theory. She is an adjunct faculty member and teaches in the BAELL program.

Downey, Nigel

Nigel Downey is currently the Director of the Office for Language Assessment (OLA) at the Hellenic American University. He holds an M.A. in TESOL from St. Michaels College, Vermont, USA, and holds the RSA Diploma (now called DELTA). His Ph.D. research is in the field of English-language listening comprehension. He has been in the TESOL profession in Greece for over twenty-five years as a teacher and teacher trainer, and has taught M.A. courses in the US and Greece. Since 2004, he has also been working in the field of language assessment at the Hellenic American University.

Nigel has written and collaborated on a number of books and articles in language teaching and testing, and has served on the Board of TESOL Greece as Secretary General and Treasurer, and the Board of the European Association for Language Testing and Assessment (EALTA) as Treasurer. He has taught courses for the M.A. in Applied Linguistics at the Hellenic American University on Listening and Speaking, Methodology and Language Assessment.

Doxakis, Epaminondas

Epaminondas Doxakis is an Assistant Professor at the Center of Basic Sciences at the Academy of Athens. He holds a B.Sc. (General Biology) and an M.Sc. in Human Genetics from Eötvös Loránd University, a Ph.D. in Neurobiology from St. Andrews University and an Masters in Business Administration from the Edinburgh Management School. He has worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the field of Neuroscience for the Universities of St. Andrews, Edinburgh, UCSF, and Cardiff. He has taught courses at St. Andrews, Edinburgh, and Democritus Universities. He is an adjunct faculty member and teaches in the General Education program.

His research interests aim at deciphering mechanisms of neuronal survival and death in the nervous system as well as identifying therapeutic targets and biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease.

Floratos, Stavroula

Stavroula Floratos holds both a M.S. Ed. degree in Literacy and a B.S. Ed. degree in Secondary Education and History from St. John’s University, New York, USA. She holds a New York State teaching license, a certificate in Training in School Violence Prevention and Intervention as well as a certificate in English Language Teaching. Involved in education since 2006, Ms. Floratos has extensive experience teaching all levels and age groups and has been particularly active in Literacy Awareness.

Galanopoulou, Helen

Helen Galanopoulou holds a BA in Greek Philology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and an MA in Pedagogical Studies with a specialization in Educational Technology from the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. Helen has been working as a teacher and examiner of Modern Greek as a Second/Foreign Language. Her academic interests include language-teaching methodology, intercultural dialogue and education in multicultural environments and the teaching of ancient and Modern Greek to students with learning difficulties. Ms. Galanopoulou is an adjunct faculty member at Hellenic American University and teaches in the General Education program.

Geka, Vasiliki

Vassiliki (Bessy) Geka holds a B.A (summa cum laude) in English Language and Literature and an M.A. (summa cum laude) in Applied Linguistics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). She also holds a PhD (Hons with distinction) from the same university, while her doctoral research was awarded with scholarships (Tokyo Sylff Foundation Scholarship) and prizes in conferences (Bangor UK-CLA). During her studies, Bessy was also awarded both scholarships and prizes of Record Achievement by the State Foundation of Scholarships (ΙΚΥ) and the Department of Bequests of NKUA. She has served as a member of the Executive Board of TESOL Greece and as its vice-chair twice. In the past, she also served as a Research Associate of the RCeL of NKUA. She started teaching at HAU in 2010 and in 2014, was promoted to the position of Academic Coordinator of the English Language Program. In September 2020, she was further promoted to the position of Deputy Director of the Centre of Applied Linguistics and Language Studies of HAU. Bessy is also a Professor of English at the Hellenic Police Academy. Her academic interests are quite diverse, ranging from Applied and Cognitive Linguistics to more theoretical aspects of language. She is currently an adjunct faculty member teaching in the MAAL.

Hassan, Hesham

Hesham M. Hassan holds a Ph.D. and a M.A. in Byzantine Philology from the University of Athens and Classical Philology from the University of Cairo. In 2000 he established the Arabic Language Teaching Center at the Cultural Center of the Embassy of Egypt in Athens, and in 2004 he was appointed director of the Teaching Center. In 2006 he helped found the Arabic-Greek Translation Program at the Hellenic American Union, the first program in Greece that introduces students not only to language skills, but focuses mostly on the techniques of the written language. Since 2009 he teaches Arabic Language at the Hellenic American University in Athens and in 2012 he started teaching Arabic in College Year in Athens (CYA). He is a reviewer in the journal “Byzantina Symmeikta” which is published by the Hellenic National Research Center. Among his recent publications are “The Influences of Ancient Greek Drama on Modern Egyptian Theatre,” in Staging of Classical Drama around 2000, eds. Sipova N. P. and Sarkissian A., Cambridge Scholars Publishing, U.K. 2007; “The Swine in Arabic Literature,” Scientific Annals of the School of Philosophy, University of Athens 39 (2007/2008) [in Greek]; and “YusifIdris: Two Short Stories ‘The Journey’ & ‘The Swallow and the Cable,’” Journal of Oriental and African Studies 17 (2008).

His research interests aim at AraboByzantine relations, translation, and teaching Arabic as a foreign language.

House, Juliane

Juliane House received her first degree in English and Spanish translation and international law from Heidelberg University, Germany, her B.Ed., M.A. and Ph.D. in Language and Communication from the University of Toronto, Canada and honorary doctorates from the Universities Jyväskylä, Finland and Jaume I, Castellon, Spain. She is Professor Emerita of Applied Linguistics at Hamburg University and a founding member of the German Science Foundation’s Research Centre on Multilingualism, where she was Principal Investigator of several projects on translation and multilingual business communication. She also directed a project on multilingualism and multiculturalism in German universities funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, and she is a former President of the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS). At present, she is Director of the Ph.D. program in Language and Communication at Hellenic American University (Athens campus). Her research interests include contrastive pragmatics, discourse analysis, politeness, English as a lingua franca, intercultural communication and translation. Her recent books include Translation Quality Assessment: Past and Present (Routledge, 2015); Translation as Communication Across Languages and Cultures (Routledge, 2016), Translation: The Basics. (Routledge, 2018). Cross-Cultural Pragmatics. (with D. Kadar, Cambridge University Press, 2021).

Kaniklidou, Themis

Themis Kaniklidou is Associate Professor in Translation and Communication and Associate Director of the Ph.D. program at Hellenic American University. She completed her Ph.D. (Language and Communication) working on Media Discourse and Translation at the University of Athens where she wrote her thesis on Narrative Theory and News Translation. She also holds an M.A. in Specialized Translation from the University of Surrey (2004) and a B.A. in Translation (2002) from the Ionian University of Foreign Languages – Department of Translation and Interpreting. Themis has been involved in various projects that link academia with the translation industry and EU institutions, such as OPTIMALE, an EU-funded program on Optimizing Professional Translator Training in a Multilingual Europe. Themis is an active member of EURASHE where she is a member of the employability and life-long learning and research and innovation working groups. She has organized international conferences and has participated in panel discussions as a discussant. Since 2008, Themis has been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in Translation Studies, Terminology, EU Translation, and Language and Communication, Greek culture and ethics and western culture. She has been visiting scholar at the communications department at Rollins College, USA and a part-time lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She has supervised M.A. dissertations and has been mentoring graduate and Ph.D. students. Themis has published her work in peer-reviewed journals and has written chapters for edited textbooks. She has refereed articles for Rodopi and TEXT and TALK. She has presented her work in international conferences and has given plenary talks.

Kapasaki, Antigoni

Antigoni Kapasaki holds an RSA Diploma for overseas teachers of English and an MA in Applied Linguistics from the Hellenic American University. She has completed all the core and strand courses of the PhD program from the same university. Since September 2007, she has been working at Hellenic American Union as an EFL instructor in the English Language Program and teacher educator. She is a certified Cambridge and Michigan examiner for all CEFR levels and an examiner supervisor. She has been involved in various projects for the Center for Applied Linguistics and Language Studies, developed testing items and co-authored a book for BCCE exam preparation. She has presented at HAU seminars in Greece and Bulgaria and has also taught academic English at the University of Sheffield. Since 2016, Antigoni has been teaching TESOL methodology courses for the BAELL program.

Karachaliou, Ermioni

Ermioni Karachaliou received her BArch and MArch from the National Technical University of Athens where she specialized in Architectural Theory of the Byzantine period, and her Ph.D. in Art History and Visual Studies from the University of Manchester (UK). Dr. Karachaliou has taught several courses at the University of Manchester and for private vocational training institutes in Athens. She has also undertaken administrative positions as the Head of the Art & Design Department of IVT Akmi and Delta, has presented papers at numerous international conferences and has published articles in refereed journals. Prior to joining Hellenic American University, she was Curator A’ of the Artist in Residence Program at the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum, with the exclusive donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Dr. Karachaliou is also a certified as a classical ballet and modern dance teacher from the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and is a member of the National Technical Chamber of Greece, the Association of Art Historians, the Byzantine Studies Association of North America, and the Medieval Association of the Pacific.

Her research interests include Art Criticism, Art Appreciation, Architecture, Medieval-Byzantine Studies, Education

Katris, Nikos

Nikos Katris is a certified Translator. He holds an MSc in Multilingual Computing and Localization with First Class Honors from the University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland. From 2003-2008 he studied Translation (Bachelor’s) in the Ionian University of Corfu. He has extensive experience with translating texts from English into Greek and German into Greek. He is a certified CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools trainer.

Katsochi, Sophia

Sophia Katsochi obtained her B.A. in Linguistics, with a minor in foreign languages, from Deree College – The American College of Greece in Athens. She has also completed coursework towards a B.A. in Architecture from Kingston University in London. She holds an M.A. in Translation from Hellenic American University and is currently working toward a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics at the same school. She teaches undergraduate writing courses at Hellenic American University.

Kontossi, Sofia

Sofia Kontossi a pianist and musicologist, graduated on scholarship from the Academia de Arte George Enescu and holds a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of Athens, as well as a D.M.A in piano performance from the Universitate de Arte George Enescu. As a pianist, she has taken part in master classes with Hans Leygraf, Paola Volpe, Frank Wibaut, Monique Deschaussées. Dr. Kontossi has won prizes in international piano competitions and given concerts in Greece, Romania, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Turkey and Cyprus. She is regularly invited to give master classes in Greece and abroad on “Art song” performance. She regularly attends, on scholarship, the Vancouver International Song Institute’s program on “Song Scholarship and Performance.” Her musicological studies focus on lieder and piano music by Greek composers, as well as the history of Greek Music. Her articles have been published in Greek, French and Serbian academic journals, and she is a contributing author at the New Grove Music Online. She has been teaching piano and music theory since 1996, and is currently at the University of Arts George Enescu and the National Conservatory of Greece. She is a member of RIPM’s Greek Committee, a member of the Board of the Leonidas Zoras Archive and the Manolis Kalomiris Society Directory Committees, and a member of the Greek Musicological Society. She is an adjunct faculty member and teaches in the BM program.

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