Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate students in class

Hellenic American University offers undergraduate degree programs in the fields of Business Administration, Engineering (Electrical Engineering), English Language and Literature, Informatics, Music, Psychology.

In addition to teaching the knowledge and skills specific to the various degree programs, the undergraduate program aims to instill the knowledge, skills and values that empower students to serve society and the environment as responsible world citizens, and to educate them to contribute to their own communities and the larger global community.

Course of Study

Undergraduate students complete a course of study totaling at least 120 credits, of which 40 credits are in General Education, 18 credits are in electives (or in a minor concentration), and at least 63 credits are in the major, including a three-credit Capstone Project.

Students can pursue their degree on a full- or part-time basis. Full-time students ordinarily complete their undergraduate studies in four years. Part-time students should expect their path to degree completion to be extended, depending on the number of courses they take each term, but it should not exceed eight years.

The University operates on a semester system, with a Fall and a Spring semester, each fifteen weeks long, and two summer sessions, each four weeks long.

The General Education Program

All undergraduate students must complete 40 credits in General Education. Designed to foster well-educated critical thinkers and global citizens, the program foresees required and elective courses in writing, mathematics and analytics, science, foreign languages, arts and humanities, and the social sciences. Through these courses, students enhance their self-awareness, academic and problem-solving skills, civic awareness and intercultural knowledge.

Please see the separate website page for General Education for more information.

The Politis Program of Civic Engagement

The Politis Program is a required General Education component that aims to foster civic engagement. It combines service-learning opportunities, volunteer work, and other forms of co-curricular community involvement to expose students to community problems, and help them develop social, civic, and cultural responsibility. Undergraduate students complete 45 hours of service-learning activities and community volunteer work prior to their graduation. Students meet the requirement by participating in service activities individually or as part of their course work. For more details see the Politis Program page in the Student Services section of the website.

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