BSBA in Marketing and Sales

Marketing Sales

Product, price, promotion, place, and people. Unlock the power of marketing and sales, and drive business success in the digital age.

The core of marketing and sales is customer needs. Marketing and sales revolve around identifying customers, understanding their interests, and satisfying their needs. This degree opens doors to multiple opportunities such as advertising, retailing, personal selling, market research, and public relations. 

What You’ll Learn

As a student in the program, you will learn traditional marketing concepts, sales techniques, and research practices. You’ll also learn how to develop actionable reports such as those found in market research and a marketing plan.

Key knowledge areas and skills include:

  • Sales management
  • Marketing management
  • Customer behavior
  • B-2-B marketing
  • Advertising and public relations
  • Innovation and new product development
Career Prospects

As a marketing and sales major, you’ll have the skills necessary to work in sales and promotion, brand and product management, market research, retail, purchasing, banking, insurance, real estate, and hospitality.

BSBA in Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales

  • Business Core Curriculum

    13 courses | 39 credits

  • Courses in the Major

    8 courses | 24 credits

  • General Education

    14 courses | 40 credits

  • Free Electives

    6 courses | 18 credits

Business Core Curriculum

Business Core Required

9 courses | 27 credits

  • Introduction to Accounting and Costing
  • Advanced Microeconomic Theory
  • Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Principles of Business Finance
  • Business Analytics for Decision Making
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Capstone
Business Core Electives (select 4)

4 courses | 12 credits

  • Business Law
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Management Information Systems
  • Operations Management & Performance
  • New Technology Ventures
  • Project Management for Business
  • Supply Chain Management
  • ESG in Business
  • Internship

Marketing & Sales Major

Marketing & Sales Major Required

5 courses | 15 credits

  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Market Psychology & Consumer Behavior
  • Market Research for Consumer Insights
  • Strategic Marketing Applications
Marketing & Sales Electives (select 3)

3 courses | 9 credits

  • Marketing & Sales Electives
  • Services Marketing
  • B-2-B Marketing
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Innovation and New Product Development
  • Foundations of European Business

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