The Student Council

The Student Council is a group of students chosen by their peers to represent and promote their interests in a structured setting. Drawing on input and ideas from the student body, the five-member Council presents its recommendations to the Director of Student Affairs and International Programs, who then conveys these proposals to the appropriate decision-making bodies.

Together with the Director, the members of the Student Council also help organize events, such as student get-togethers, movie nights and city walks, and leads the charge for supporting athletic teams. In addition, the Council is responsible for coordinating initiatives such as blood drives and events to raise awareness on important cultural and social issues.

Participation in the Student Council is an excellent way for students to develop their leadership skills and learn how to work more effectively in a team. Elections to the Student Council, for which all students are eligible to be candidates, are held each year.

Student newsletter

The student newsletter The Titan Chronicles is officially out. A collaborative project spearheaded by our student council and student clubs, the newsletter will share news of upcoming University events, trending topics, and creative works by our students.

Browse through the recent issues of the Student Newsletter:

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