Research Institute

Research is a core activity of the University that brings together theory, application and creativity. From applied linguistics and psychology to computer science and photonics, the faculty’s expertise spans a broad range of scientific fields and seeks to expand knowledge and promote innovation.

The Research Institute facilitates faculty members and students to set and achieve their research goals. The Research Institute has a key role in:

  • suggesting long-term research plans and strategies to the University;
  • organizing conferences, colloquia and invited talks hosted by the University;
  • disseminating and promoting the research conducted at Hellenic American University;
  • informing faculty about funding calls and consulting on the proposal preparation.
  • promoting extroversion and scientific collaborations with external partners.


The main research interests of the Business Department include aviation management, knowledge management, absorptive capacity, risk management, and strategic management. The Business Department’s faculty has also developed research collaboration with other universities such as the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), City University of New York (USA), and Anadolu University (Turkey).

Informatics & Engineering

Current faculty research interests in the Engineering and Informatics department include high-speed wireless access networks, cooperative wireless networks, wireless sensor networks, intelligent transportation systems, cooperative MIMO systems, information technology education and presence and location analytics. Research interests include the design of wireless networks in the sense of developing novel and energy-aware applications, and the optimization of wireless networks based on cooperative networking principles. The Informatics and Engineering Department's faculty has also developed research collaboration with other universities such as the University of Stockholm (Sweden), the Harokopion University of Athens (Greece) and the University of Manchester (UK).

Applied Linguistics, Literature and Communication

The faculty involved in teaching and research in language-related programs are active members of key professional associations and international communities for linguists, language educators, language assessment specialists, translators, and literary experts. Research output reflects faculty specializations and expertise in language teaching, language assessment, discourse analysis, pragmatics, intercultural communication, and translation of literature.


Psychology faculty conduct research in a broad range of fields, with particular interest in areas such as social responsibility, social psychology, health psychology, marriage and family issues, and volunteerism, as well as clinical issues such as addictions, suicide, depression, eating disorders and anxiety disorders.

Research News

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