High fidelity state transfer using polaritons

Dr Panayotis Kalozoumis (Assistant Professor in the Division of IT and Engineering) has had his new paper on "Coherent population oscillations and an effective spin-exchange interaction in a PT-symmetric polariton mixture", published in in the international, peer-reviewed journal Europhysics Letters. The results contribute to the field of quantum technologies, interfacing with the concepts of quantum simulations and quantum computing. This work was done in collaboration with the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser in FORTH and in particular with  Theoretical Quantum Optics and Technology group. 

New results on Giant Gravitons

Dr Dimitris Zoakos (Adjunct Faculty member in the Division of IT and Engineering) published his new work “Giant gravitons on the Schrödinger pp-wave geometry” in the international, peer-reviewed Journal of High Energy Physics. The paper falls within the field of string theory and presents a set of new results about the giant graviton solution of a family of supergravity backgrounds.

Monumentality in the Work of Mark Rothko

Dr Kalliopi Koundouri, art historian and adjunct faculty member, has had her paper on “A particular kind of monumentality in the work of Mark Rothko, ” which she delivered at the International Conference “On Monumentality” organized by the Hellenic Open University (March 2019), selected for publication; it will be out this September. Also, her paper “Which Athens? Between past and present. A hybrid city in the making” will be presented at The Multiple Antiquities of Greek Modernity (19th - 21st centuries) International Conference, 24-26 September 2020, Panteion University, Athens, Greece.

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