Office of Student Affairs and International Programs

The Office of Student Affairs and International Programs works to foster the academic success and personal growth of the University’s students.

As the point of reference for campus life and activities, the Office seeks to create a vibrant community that extends beyond classroom walls. It organizes events and trips for students, such as welcome parties, international food nights, a winter skiing trip, a spring island trip and athletic opportunities. It also organizes such major university events as student orientation, awards ceremonies, town halls, and commencement.

In addition, the Office provides support, advising and resources for students to create and manage student clubs and athletic teams. In doing so, it works with the University’s Student Council to coordinate all activities so that they are all student-driven.

The Office is also the main point of contact for full-time international students, as well as study abroad students and groups. It helps international students complete the documentation they need after obtaining their student visas. In addition, the Office facilitates study abroad programs from the start of admissions until the students leave our campuses at the end of their studies. It also creates and organizes faculty-led study abroad programs tailored to suit the needs of each institution or group.

Student Affairs Policies

As expressed in the Board of Trustees’ Statement on University Values, Hellenic American University expects that its students will be responsible citizens both in society and within the University. In its own words, the Board of Trustees considers that such responsibility:

[extends] beyond the observance of law, which it takes for granted; such responsibility also includes an active commitment on the part of all members of the university community to safeguarding and promoting the values of tolerance and diversity, academic integrity, the free pursuit of knowledge, academic honesty, and the protection of intellectual property.

The Code of Conduct and Student Ethics and policies listed below elaborate these principles through rules and regulations governing student conduct and academic life. These and other policies ensure that the aims and objectives of Hellenic American University are pursued with the highest standards of academic rigor and ethical behavior.

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Contact Persons

Ermioni KarachaliouLauzier Lydia

Director of Student Affairs & International Programs


Massalias 22, 10680
Athens, Greece


Tel:+ 30 2103680916

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Student Affairs Coordinator, Nashua campus


436 Amherst Street,
Nashua, New Hampshire, NH03063, USA


Tel.: +1 603 577 8700

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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