Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) guides Hellenic American University students in their pursuit of academic excellence. Through a wide range of services, from study skills coaching to individual and group tutoring, the ASC challenges students to explore their full potential and encourages them to become confident, active learners.

The ASC focuses on developing students’ academic, organizational, and study skills, all of which are seminal to a successful academic life. More specifically, the ASC aims to:

  • Help students assess and improve their competence in critical reading, note-taking, study planning, exam-preparation and revision techniques
  • Guide students in developing their time management skills and overcoming procrastination and absenteeism
  • Enhance students’ team-building skills
  • Support students through individual and group tutoring sessions in various subject areas, such as English and Math.

The ASC is particularly helpful to first-year students, especially those who feel a little overwhelmed by their first encounter with an educational environment very different from what they were accustomed to. The Academic Success Center also constitutes a point of reference for any student who finds a course especially demanding, or whose academic performance has been compromised by personal problems.

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