Student Appeals and Complaints

An Academic Standards Committee serves all graduate and undergraduate programs. The committee consists of a minimum of five members elected by the faculty and appointed by the provost who are typically senior members of the faculty and represent the institution broadly. The Academic Standards Committee convenes to monitor the academic progress of all students at least once each year and on an as-needed basis to hear complaints and appeals. The Committee recommends academic honors, place poorly performing students on probation, and issue suspensions and dismissals according to University policies.

Disciplinary appeals: The Academic Standards Committee also considers and adjudicates on matters of disciplinary action. Cases will normally be brought forward by a faculty member and or academic program director. The student who has been accused of academic misconduct should be present during a scheduled hearing of the Committee. Decisions of the Academic Standards Committee may be appealed to the provost.

Academic appeals: Students may appeal a faculty member’s decision regarding a grade. To make a formal appeal, a student should communicate to the faculty member, either orally or in written form, the reasons he or she believes the grade to be unfair or inappropriate. If after that meeting, a disagreement continues to exist, a student may appeal in writing to the Academic Standards Committee. A personal meeting will then be arranged. Decisions of the Academic Standing Committee may be appealed to the provost.

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